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Independent e-cigarette industry is antidote to Big Tobacco

Consumers were quick to understand and embrace the advantages of electronic cigarettes. The non-combustible, tobacco-free products are battery-powered devices that heat a liquid nicotine solution and create an inhalable vapor. They generate no harmful second-hand smoke and do not soil hair and clothes with noxious cigarette odors. More important, research is showing that e-cigarettes are… Continue reading »

Finding the balance on smoking bans and electronic cigarettes

A great article about the “case for tolerating e-cigarettes” was published today (12/9/13) in the New York Times. It talks about the balance between e-cigarette legislation and the possible health benefits seen by users. It continues to talk about how big tobaccos involvement in the industry now causes a knee jerk reaction to legislators to govern them identically… Continue reading »

Good News! The FDA has NO Authority over Electronic Cigarettes!

That’s right!  A Federal Judge has ruled that Electronic Cigarettes DO NOT fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA!  You can read the complete court document at this page.  This is GREAT news, being that the FDA is in bed with Big Tobacco and Big Pharma, who as I have stated before are scared to… Continue reading »

Smoking Bans Everywhere and what to do about it!

Smoking bans are popping up everywhere. What can you as a smoker do? Find out more here!

Our View on Tobacco Taxes

Tobacco taxes are nothing more than a tax on addiction. Just the kind of tax that politicians love. It guarantees the income stream. Nothing more.

The Beginning…….

The electronic cigarette debate has become a politically charged debate, instead of being what it should be, a medical debate. More details here.