03 – Electronic Cigarette Contents and Ingredients

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There has been great debate over the contents, or ingredients used in electronic cigarettes.  What I find amazing is that there are those who will argue that ecigs should be made illegal, or be banned from sale, because of the FDA “conveniently” finding a carcinogen in a tiny handpicked sample of refill cartridges……  A trace amount in a handpicked (i.e. RIGGED) sample!  So let me get this straight…… ban electronic cigarettes over a trace of a material, while consigning smokers to exposure to around 4000 chemicals and carcinogens in a tobacco cigarette by eliminating the electronic cigarette option?  How can that even make sense?????  The fact is, the FDA wanted nothing to do with electronic cigarettes when they first appeared.  The FDA did not feel that electronic cigarettes were worth their time…. that is until Big Tobacco and Big Pharma got wind of the whole thing.  THEN the FDA stepped in (while on the dime of Big Tobacco and Big Pharma).

So, I won’t even attempt to list the chemicals and carcinogens in tobacco cigarettes, (but I did anyway!) except to state that there are around 4000 of them in a tobacco cigarette.  What I will however do, is list the ingredients in electronic cigarettes for you……  You will see there is absolutely no way, that someone with any medical background or understanding, could defend tobacco cigarettes and oppose electronic cigarettes…..


Ecigarette Contents, Ingredients, what is in e-cig

This is the COMPLETE listing from the MSDS report.  Let’s see Big Tobacco do that with a tobacco cigarette!  The list wouldn’t fit in this space for sure! (But we made it fit HERE)

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I encourage you to do the research, and then make up your own mind.  Big Tobacco and Big Pharma are attempting to spin the story by using the FDA as a mouthpiece.  Big Tobacco and Big Pharma are NOT interested in YOUR health concerns.  They are ONLY interested in what effect e-cigarettes will have on their wallets.  The fact is, electronic cigarettes are a BETTER option for those addicted to nicotine.   Until now the only options for those addicted to nicotine were either 1. to continue to smoke harmful, additive and chemical laden Tobacco Cigarettes, or 2. To attempt the endless struggle of quitting…(with a 92% failure rate!)…. now there is a better alternative that continues to give you the nicotine you need/want, without all of the harmful tars and carcinogens of tobacco and tobacco cigarettes.

Don’t let Big Tobacco and Big Pharma make this decision for you by eliminating your options!

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The complete list of ingredients in Tobacco Cigarettes

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